Resources & Services

Access and use LifeWatch Italy resources and services for researchers into biodiversity and ecosystems through our catalogues.

We are a member of LifeWatch ERIC, the European e-Science Infrastructure
for biodiversity and ecosystem research.

LifeWatch ERIC

LifeWatch ERIC facilitates the sharing and aggregation of open-data, and their integration and analisys in advanced models. Its VREs, combined with computational power and disruptive technologies, make it possible to test scenarios of change on biodiversity organization and conservation, ecosystems and their services, under multiple drivers in the future.

The Joint Research Unit

The JRU coordinates the Italian contribution to LifeWatch and the national activities on the LifeWatch Service Centre and the e-Biodiversity Research institute of LifeWatch-ITA.

The Service Centre

The Service Centre is part of the Common Facilities of European LifeWatch, and is responsible for the communication activities of the LifeWatch Infrastructure, as well as the active involvment of the European scientific community in LifeWatch and the provision of services to users.

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