Ecological Transitions: A Journey with LTER Network

Prepare for a journey that celebrates the wonders of biodiversity, the importance of ecosystem services, and the future of sustainable tourism. From October 15th to 18th, this immersive experience organized by the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Italia, sponsored by LifeWatch Italy, CNR-IRET, and UniSalento, promises a unique opportunity to witness Italy’s natural wonders in a responsible and conscious manner.

This event, titled “Ecological Transitions: A Journey with LTER Network from Mar Piccolo to Salento Lagoons” is designed to connect two significant Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Italian sites over three days: Mar Piccolo in Taranto and Acquatina in Lecce. The transitional nature of these environments inspires a path that traverses from the sea to the land. Participants have the option to complete all or some of the bicycle journeys or to join specific events listed in the program.

Alongside researchers from the LTER Italia network, participants will encounter people and projects, exploring the various meanings of words like ecology, sustainability, and transition. They will listen to the stories of ecological research and its potential connections with the history of the places they pass through.

To participate in the bicycle stages, please fill out the form.

Registration to individual events is mandatory, please contact: (Taranto/Mar Piccolo) (Lecce/Acquatina)


Event Schedule:

15/10 at 18:30: Visit to the Euromediterraneo CetaceiKETOS Center (TA). Free guided tour and discussion on cycle-archeology.

16/10 at 9:00: Gathering at the Convento dei Battendieri, Taranto. Presentation of LTER research in Mar Piccolo. Walk along the Via Mellifera: 5 km, max 40 participants. Cost: €10.

16/10 at 16:30: Gathering at the Monti farm, Oria (Br). Exploring regenerative agriculture and permaculture for sustainable land use.

17/10 at 10:00: Gathering at Agriturismo Masseria Piutri, Torchiarolo (Br) for discussions on territory, research, ecosystems, transitions, and food.

18/10 at 9:30: Gathering in front of the University of Salento. Visit to the Acquatina site (LE) and insights into LTER activities, participation in biodiversity exploration and conservation activities (e.g., bioblitz). Activities conclude at 13:00.