Condolences for the passing of Professor Valerio Sbordoni

We deeply regret to inform you that Professor Valerio Sbordoni passed away on February 6th. This is distressing news and an immeasurable loss for the scientific community, especially for LifeWatch Italia. Valerio was a true founding father of our research infrastructure, and over the years, his continuous dedication significantly shaped the activities of our Joint Research Unit.

With Valerio’s passing, we not only lose an illustrious scientist but also a friend and a guiding figure for all of us within LifeWatch Italia, with whom we had the honor and pleasure of working for over a decade. On behalf of LifeWatch Italia and ERIC, we express sincere gratitude to Valerio and profound condolences for his loss.

Born in Rome in 1942, Valerio Sbordoni was a full professor of zoology at Sapienza University of Rome (1980-1982) and the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (1982-2012). He was a member of the Italian National Academy of Entomology, secretary of the National Academy of Sciences (known as “dei XL”), president of the Italian Society of Biogeography, and a member of numerous other national scientific societies. His primary research interests included biogeography, population genetics, and the study of the evolution of various terrestrial and aquatic animal organisms (particularly butterflies and cave-dwelling organisms).

Throughout his career, he received awards and recognitions, including the “G.B.Grassi” Zoology Award from the National Academy of Lincei, the gold medal from the National Academy of Sciences, and the Rolex Award for Enterprise for biodiversity studies in the caves of Chiapas, Mexico.

Professor Sbordoni’s biography is available on the website of the National Academy of Sciences, “dei XL” (


Photo by Luca Bartolozzi