Service Centre

The Service Centre is part of the Common Facilities of European LifeWatch, and is responsible for the communication activities of the LifeWatch infrastructure in general, as well as the active involvement of the European scientific community in LifeWatch and the provision of services to users.

At the national level, it plays the same role, as it is a core component of the e–Biodiversity Research Institute of LifeWatch-ITA.

Long-term Goals

  • Optimising access and use of the facility as a whole, with special attention to research opportunities for young scientists via the fellowship programme, in order to foster original and innovative use of the infrastructure;
  • Providing special support for European and national policies;
  • Increasing the awareness of users, stakeholders and the public, and the visibility of LifeWatch outcomes, providing publicity and other dissemination services to users;
  • Providing user access, user support, training and public services and identifying priorities and opportunities for business ventures;
  • Promoting the involvement of scientific communities and the identification of potential new data resources.


  • Setting up the management office of the Central Service Centre.
  • Organisation of a broad community of experts.
  • Launch of the Lifewatch portal and communication services.
  • Development and implementation of initial LifeWatch communication initiatives.
  • Development of communities of interest and collaborative networks with the support of the LifeWatch Community social space  (user platform).
  • Design of the data discovery infrastructure so as to allow access to all worldwide biological data resources and accelerate data  generation.