Italian Fauna Checklist


The aim of the project is to develop a new Italian Fauna Checklist, to update the Checklist published in the mid-1990s by Minelli et al. (1993-1995) and its subsequent additions published in the Bollettino della Società Entomologica Italiana (1999-2003) by Ruffo and Stoch (2005), regarding terrestrial and freshwater fauna, and by Relini (2008-2019), regarding marine fauna. The previous Checklist by Minelli et al. (1993-1995) was published in paper format and included 57,468 species (including “Protozoa”), 37,303 of which were insects. This new Checklist will exclude protozoans, and will be published exclusively online so that it may be continuously updated.

Italian Fauna Checklist

It was deemed necessary to update the Italian Fauna Checklist due to the considerable progress that has been made in recent decades in terms of the taxonomy and nomenclature of fauna. The transition to a virtual format was also of imperative importance as it allows for the Checklist to be kept up-to-date, which is essential when it comes to nature conservation efforts. The project is sponsored by the Scientific Committee for Italian Fauna and implemented with the support of the Italian National Research Council and LifeWatch Italy.

An updated checklist of the terrestrial, freshwater and marine species of Metazoa of the Italian fauna is provided. The dataset currently includes over 25,000 species/subspecies. The taxonomic classification, scientific name, author and year of description are provided for each species/subspecies, as well as the distribution in Italy (by terrestrial/marine macro-regions or by administrative regions) and in neighboring areas outside the current political borders of the country, including the Republic of San Marino and the City. of the Vatican. Chorotype (eventually), the status of exclusivity (endemics) and allochthony, any taxonomic and distributive notes, pertinent literature and synonyms are also given.

About 160 authors are at the moment involved in the project of the new Checklist of the species of the Fauna of Italy, of which about 140 are Italian, and about twenty foreigners. These are taxonomists mostly affiliated with universities and natural history museums. Part of these is represented by not professional taxonomist, amateurs, in particular as regards insects.