Virtual Laboratories

LifeWatch Italy develops Virtual Research Environments (VREs) to support the scientific community.
This catalogue presents our VREs and enables, for each of them, to visit an informative website and directly access the VRE.

Alien and Invasive Species VRE

LifeWatch Italy has realised the Alien and Invasive Species Virtual Research Environment (Alien Species VRE) for supporting researchers to address basic and applied studies on ecosystem vulnerability to alien species arrival.
It allows to:
  • access and download harmonised data on the national distribution of species of fauna and flora belonging to different habitats;
  • upload datasets structured according to the LifeWatch Italy Data Schema in order to execute the service included in the VRE.

Phytoplankton VRE

The Phytoplankton Virtual Research Environment (Phyto VRE) is a working environment supporting researchers in phytoplankton data computation and analyses.

It provides services in order to facilitate the identification of the species, the calculation of demographic and morphological traits and to execute phytoplankton traits analyses.

The aim of the VRE is to produce harmonized data and perform trait based comparative analyses.