The JRU coordinates the Italian contribution to LifeWatch and the national activities of the LifeWatch Service Centre
and the e-Biodiversity Research Institute of LifeWatch-ITA.

How to join

Partners who will join LifeWatch-ITA will have two kinds of benefits:

  1. The LifeWatch-ITA activities will be planned and carried out through calls for proposals, following priority guidelines indicated in the multiannual plan, in which only the LifeWatch – ITA partners can be the core research unit. A wider participation is foreseen with the establishment of consortia around the core research units and sub-contracting.
  2. Partners are members of the National Board of LifeWatch-ITA, where they can play a role in defining policies and priorities in the construction and implementation of the multiannual activities plan.

To join LifeWatch – ITA please contact: