The JRU coordinates the Italian contribution to LifeWatch and the national activities of the LifeWatch Service Centre
and the e-Biodiversity Research Institute of LifeWatch-ITA.

What we do

  • Strengthen our knowledge of biodiversity;
  • Enhance our current understanding of biodiversity and its relations with ecosystem services and societal benefits;
  • Optimise the use of public research funding and increase Italy’s competitiveness;
  • Identify knowledge gaps in the IT platforms for biodiversity, integrating knowledge arising from focused research programmes;
  • Support biodiversity and ecosystem health;
  • Support crucial sectors of the national economy and social security system;
  • Raise awareness on the importance of preserving biodiversity;
  • Support environmental policy;
  • Provide support at the political and institutional level for the development of national strategies to cope with climate change, energy generation and waste management.

Related Projects

Many the spin-offs born from LifeWatch Italy, among those: the FP7 Projects BioVel and CreativeB, the H2020 INDIGO- Data Cloud, ENVRI2, EcoPotential, GLOBIS-B e LINK-D, (the first three already approved, the others currently under evaluation); LIFE+ ECMON and BUGS-LIFE (the second currently under evaluation) the strategic project INTERREG BIG, the PON infrastructure project BIOforIU, and several regional and local ones, such as the Living Lab SED or the ‘Trova Piante di Villa Torlonia’ project.
Many other initiatives directly related to LifeWatch have been promoted by different members of the JRU and those funded are available on this website.