Scientific Gaming is an innovative effort to motivate students by replicating the excitement of scientific research applied to address a major ecological challenge in the Mediterranean Region, i.e. monitoring and protecting the health of the Mediterranean Sea. The MEDCIS Scientific Gaming is a participative and user-friendly tool of the MEDCIS project developed in the context of the need of a science-based knowledge to make fully operational an innovative European Directive focusing on the protection of the life in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as of all services that it is supplying since millennia to the socio-economic development of our communities: the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

MEDCIS Scientific Gaming will allow your students to study and apply the method of scientific research applied to the monitoring of ecological and environmental status of Mediterranean marine ecosystems in a entertaining way through the use of a video game focused on ecological tools useful to describe the marine ecosystem status, such as biodiversity, water noise, eutrophication, alien species and on the approach of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.