LW Bulletin of Land Surface Dynamics

The latest 2014 issue of the LifeWatch Bulletin of Land Surface Dynamics has been published. This issue focuses on 2014 as the hottest year on record in the World and in Europe. Impacts of this exceptional phenomenon on the land surface dynamics are similar to the ones observed earlier in 2014, including: An unusual absence of snow in ...

Lecce Roadshow - Apulian Festival of Innovation

EN version below LifeWatch Italia √® lieto di annunciare la partecipazione al Roadshow leccese del "Festival dell'Innovazione", coinvolgendo studenti di scuole secondarie nella ricerca su ecologia e innovazione grazie ad un serious game incentrato sull'applicazione del metodo scientifico alla biodiversit√†! Venite  a trovarci il 10 a...

LW-ITA joins the O.S.D.

The 21st of June 2014 LifeWatch-ITA to the Ocean Sampling Day (OSD). The chosen sampling site was Naples' one (identified as OSD4), the long term station of MareChiara, LTER-MC located 2 miles away from Naples, about 75m depth. In this occasion, it was sample superficial waters, hydrology, organic and inorganic nutrients, POC, spectro-fluometric an...

The Stakeholders Board Meeting, Crete 7-8 July 2014

On 7 and 8 July 2014, the Stakeholders' board of LifeWatch will meet in Crete at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research premises. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the progresses made regarding the ERIC application process and advancements made by different components of LifeWatch.

Bulletin of Land Surface Dynamics mid-2014

The Bulletin of Land Surface Dynamics highlights unusual events of land surface dynamics and their links with ecology and biodiversity processes, and provides a remarkable example of LifeWatch use of data. The new issue of mid-2014 has just been published and is available for download here, together with the 2013 Bulletin.