LifeWatch Italy invited to the first OntoPortal Workshop in Montpellier

Ilaria Rosati from LifeWatch Italy has been invited to the OntoPortal Workshop (Montpellier, Fr – 26,28 September) as a panelist to represent EcoPortal, the repository of semantic resources developed by LifeWatch ERIC and co-managed with the Italian national node. During the session, together with the representatives from the other onthologies’ repositories, will provide feedbacks on how they use or plan to use the ontology repositories provided by the alliance.

The development, promotion and sharing of semantic resources to support scientific research is one of the activities in which LifeWatch Italy is most active. The synergy with other global realities, such as OntoPortal, are fundamental to ensure the coordination of the development of such digital resources.

All those interested in the development and management of semantic resources (ontologies, vocabularies, thesauri, etc.) are invited to participate in the public online session on Wednesday 28 September from 14:00 to 18:00 (CET) by filling in the registration form.