Research fellowships and grants in LifeWatch Italy

CNR, INFN, University of Bologna and University of Salento opened a series of vacancies as part of the  “PNIR – National Programme for Research Infrastructures” Reinforcement of human capital of research infrastructures, LifeWatchPlus CIR01_00028 project.

Find below the positions currently open and click on the links for more information and application instructions.

University of SalentoHarmonization of data on the energy characteristics and behaviour of use of space for individuals, populations and speciesMax. 3 yy15/09/2021LecceClick
University of SalentoDevelopment and management of cloud and HPC infrastructuresMax. 3 yy15/09/2021LecceClick
University of SalentoDevelopment of geospatial models supporting web services for the study of biodiversity and ecosystem change scenariosMax. 3 yy15/09/2021LecceClick
University of SalentoSemantic technologies for biodiversity and ecosystem research to support the LifeWatchPLUS distributed Data Center and the LifeWatch ERIC communityMax. 3 yy15/09/2021LecceClick
University of SalentoAnalysis of the national and international funding sources for the National hub on biodiversity and ecosystems (Research grant)Max. 2 yy15/09/2021LecceClick