New deadline! LifeWatchPlus Call for applications “cloud and HPC” at University of Salento

The University of Salento has published a call for applications for a research grant entitled “Development and management of cloud and HPC infrastructures fellowship” within the framework of Lifewatch Italia and the projects PON Lifewatchplus and CIR01_0028 (Scientific Manager, Prof. Alberto Basset).

Duration12 months (extendable or renewable for a maximum of 2 years)

The deadline for applications is 24/03/2023.

Criteria of evaluation:
1) Proven experiences in the management of distributed Data Centers;
2) Mastery in the use of automation tools and management and monitoring of Cloud and HPC systems;
3) Experience in software development for cloud applications;
4) Knowledge of Python language.

The following skills will also be evaluated:
a) knowledge/specialist skills acquired and relevant to the achievement of the objectives
that the Research Infrastructure intends to achieve
b) relevance of the activity carried out in the last 2 years with the priority areas identified
within the National Strategy of Intelligent Specialization (SNSI) and the ministerial planning
for research in the period 2014-2020;
c) previous collaborations with public and private scientific institutions.

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