LifeWatch ERIC 2019 Activities Report

The publication of the LifeWatch ERIC 2019 Activities Report, today, 15 July 2020, marks a mighty milestone. The 36-page document is a record of the LifeWatch ERIC’s operations and accomplishments, clarifies what we do and why, and lends greater visibility to our position in the European and global landscape of Research Infrastructures, an invaluable reference on the organisation’s mission and vision, its staff and achievements, financial performance and governance.

Whist chronicling the establishment of LifeWatch as a fully functional ERIC, the report already looks at the future, as Gert Verreet, Chair of the LifeWatch ERIC General Assembly, says in his foreword: “We are living in interesting times and, surely, the research goalposts are moving. LifeWatch ERIC, the e-Science Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, helps those who want to meet these challenges”.  

LifeWatch CEO Christos Arvanitidis reinforces that positivity: “We’ve certainly come a long way from our establishment as an ERIC in 2017, but the excitement of meeting our challenges is just beginning. We’ve put our ICT team and biodiversity experts together, and they are building the next generation of Virtual Research Environment”.

Giving thanks to staff, acknowledging the support of institutions and representing entities, the 2019 Activities Report demonstrates the alignment that has been created between Common Facilities and Distributed Centres.

High Definition 2019 Activities Report:  download.

Light Version 2019 Activities Report: download.

The hard-copy will be printed on 100% recycled paper.