Discovering Biodiversity in Castelporziano Presidential Estate


The Castelporziano Presidential Estate, the National Academy of Sciences and University of Salento have been collaborating for the past 5 years within the frame work of LifeWatch Italy. This minisite collects the most recent scientific initiatives jointly undertaken to monitor the astonishing variety of life which has been populating the Castelporziano Presidential Estate, and aims at supporting its dissemination towards the general public.

In the short journey you are about to undertake on this site, you will be able to further deepen your knowledge about the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano. In the ‘Scientific Games’ section you will have access to a series of games, at different levels of difficulty, so can learn about Castelporziano, in all its historical, naturalistic and cultural aspects in a fun way. Before starting the games, read the materials and check out the links suggested for each game; if, on the other hand, you want to satisfy your curiosity about Castelporziano first, put yourself to the test and jump straight into the games, then go through the supplementary materials by way of further study.

The Presidential Estate of Castelporziano, the National Academy of Sciences, known as the XL, and the University of Salento have been collaborating over the last five years within the framework of LifeWatch Italy.

This mini-site gathers together results of the most recent jointly conducted initiatives to monitor the incredible biodiversity found within the Estate, with the purpose of bringing them to the attention of non-scientific audiences.

If you want to test your knowledge of the Castelporziano Presidential Estate or want to organize recreational and educational activities for your students, visit the Scientific Games on offer in this section which will allow you to further expand your knowledge of the Estate. The games have been designed and organised for users of different ages and for visitors to the Estate.

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The illustration in the header is a courtesy of Matteo Piccino