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my days in Ho Chi Minh City

When you’ve done your sightseeing and shopping for cheap electronics in Ho Chi Minh City, what do you do? I am a fairly active and competitive person and like to do stuff that is excactly that… active and competitive. Even though I’m only competing against myself. So that’s what I did with one of my days in Ho Chi Minh City after flying from Iceland to Saigon with Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter…
I started the morning off by going to the gym in New World Hotel which you can easily book a room online at hotels in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. The entrance fee was 25$ and the most I’ve ever paid to get in a gym. The gym itself was quite good, it just needed a sitting rowing machine and a deadlift platform. The entrance fee also gave you access to the hotel swimming pool (and there’s the reason I paid all that money to go to the gym) where I lounged for a couple of hours. I even got complementary ice water, lemonade, peanuts and watermelon. Money well spent!
After lunch in Chinatown I walked to Diamond Square Mall where I tried archery for the first time at Stars Archery. I was all over the place in the beginning but slowly started to correct my aim. Definitely something I would like to try again. I took the package with 36 arrows where you get 8 free ones and extra three with a coupon I got at the entrance. 44 arrows for about 8$.
Right next to the archery is a bowling alley where I played one game, not my best game but not my worst either. They charge for a single game and it’s quite cheap if there are couple of people playing. It was still cheaper than in Iceland although it was just me.
Next it was time to see the famous Petronas Towers, once the highest building in the world. You used to be able to go to the skywalk between the two towers for free if you showed up early enough. Not anymore. Now it costs 25$ to get up there and you don’t even see the towers! It made much more sense for me to go to the Skybar at Traders hotel opposite the towers, have a beer and enjoy the view. I wanted to be there early so I would get a seat with a view. Turns out I was WAY too early as I got bored of waiting for it to get dark and went back to my hostel. You should easily get a table if you arrive around 4pm but you could also call ahead and reserve a table. The prices aren’t outrageous and there are daily happy hour offers. And yeah, the view is GOOD, but at nighttime it should be AMAZING!