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my asia trip

Last Friday night I knocked at my parents’ house when everybody was asleep. The original plan was that I was coming home on the 16th of November but since I ran out of money I just decided to come home three weeks earlier and surprise my family and friends. The looks on their faces was priceless as I woke them up! Anyways, this post is just going to be me pouring out the thoughts in my head in no particular direction or organization.
I gave up my apartment when I went traveling so I am living with my parents for a while now for the first time in 6 years. I was planning to start applying for cruise ship jobs as soon as I got home but sometimes life is full of surprises. I don’t know if I came up with this quote or just heard it somewhere but I’ve been saying for a while that you should do what you love and the universe will take care of the rest. Follow your dreams, your passion and if you just keep at it, somehow the money will follow and you can keep doing what you love. Life is very short so you need to enjoy it while it lasts.
I have a B.Sc. in physical therapy and could easily get a job but I’m not passionate about physical therapy. During the clinical period during my studies I wasn’t excited to go to work, I didn’t have enough drive, enough enthusiasm to read and study as much as I should. It’s just not my passion. At least right now, maybe someday in the future I’ll be passionate enough to give all I can into it. So right now, it wouldn’t be fair to myself or to my clients if I became a physical therapist as I wouldn’t be giving it my absolute best.
What am I passionate about?
I love traveling and maybe more so traveling, taking videos and editing them. I can sit for hours without realizing it. I also love training myself, getting other people strong and doing all kinds of physical stuff like climbing, river rafting, diving and biking.
I told you earlier that life is full of surprises. I think it’s about time to reveal the recent surprise. A little background first: You might know I started my asia trip in Asia with my classmates in a graduation trip. I was organizing the trip so I was in contact with the travel company we went with from Iceland, TUN Travel.
A few days ago, the owner of the company contacted me asking if I was interested in coming to work for them guiding trips in Asia. I thought about it for couple of days and contacted him when I got back home and said I was interested. After a short meeting we are now planning together an adrenaline filled trip to Vietnam early next year where the travelers would mountain bike, kayak, climb and just be active for two weeks. A dream come true for me with my Vietnam visa application! Doing what I love and getting paid to do it! This is nothing written in stone though but I will make damn sure that I’ll do my absolute best to make this trip happen. Until then I will hopefully get a little work bringing boxes of fish out of boats and onto the dock. It’s a physical job but pays pretty good. Amazing things can happen when you follow your dreams and your passion. It’s never too late to start pursuing your dreams!